Beginning Wherever You Are

Stomach that aches, nerve that shakes, head that spins, no face that grins
circular thinking, that feeling of sinking, lose direction, big mid-section
no relief, without belief, self contempt, thoughts unkempt
over extended, life unblended, joyless success, an emptiness
tend to stall, scared you’ll fall, feel sad, have too much mad
panic and fear, blocked career, live with shame, quick to blame
over controlled, lacking bold, difficult boss, a recent loss
not making quota, excess scotch and soda, feeling alone, shy on the phone
seek a mate, worried not your fate, looking for spirit, a way to be near it
to lead with vigor from a heart much bigger, to play with grace and a calming pace
to walk tall with eye on ball, to make a change and expand your range
to live as free as you wish to be©

Dr. Harris is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and performance coach working with individuals, couples, families, teams and organizations. The wide scope of his practice ranges from tears to fears, backaches to heartaches, nervous systems to family systems and hitting goals to hitting balls. In his interconnected roles he can meet you wherever you seek to feel better and/or be more effective.

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