Philosophy & Perspective

Like Bees to Honey; It is all in Your Mind and Everything is Physical; The Real Driver of the Bus; Actions Speak Louder than Words; Love Makes the World Go Round (and Fear & Hate too); It’s not What You Know It’s Who You Know; Know Thyself; Getting it Together

Traditional Psychiatric-Psychotherapeutic Methods

Talking as Medicine, Self-Disclosure, Being Heard, Speaking From The Heart, Exploring and Problem-Solving Through Dialogue

Alternative Healing Methods

Relaxation, Breathing, Visualization, Movement, Holism, Energy Psychology

Skill-Centered Psychotherapy

Focus on performance skill – golf, tennis, coaching, leadership, acting; psychotherapy secondary and informal; synergistic potential – develop skill and you at same tim

Rapid Symptom Relief

Effects of “getting it off your chest”, relaxation, energy psychology

Personal Change & Development

Reinforcing natural “push” to grow and develop; addressing interferences to change

Modes & Formats For Services

My Office, Your Office, Your Home, Golf Course, Walking Outdoors, Phone


10 minute Phone Call, Four Hour Family Intensive, Two-Day Workshop, Sixty-Minute Office Visit