Golf Coaching

A multi-dimensional approach focusing on the “whole” of you – how you feel, think, move and relate as in “relating” to the club and yourself. In fluidly shifting between these four interrelated aspects of you, the artificial and counterproductive distinction between the physical and mental game is eliminated. Working with you and your swing is done without focus on right-wrong and correct-incorrect mechanical-technical details. The game-changing centerpiece of this coaching perspective is: Pleasure leads – effectiveness follows. The coaching method is designed for making these desirable shifts:

fear/anxiety > CALM
tensed > RELAXED
self-conscious > UNSELF-CONSCIOUS
self-criticism > SELF-ACCEPTANCE
dis-ease > COMFORT
shame > PRIDE
performance frustration > LEARNING PLEASURE
swing thoughts > SWING FEELS
passive & careful > ASSERTIVE & BOLD
despair > JOY
anger > DELIGHT
inhibited & tight > FREE & FLUID
golf as work > GOLF AS PLAY
thinking > SENSING
mechanical playing > PLAYING BY FEEL
caught up in detail > GETTING THE WHOLE
effectiveness seeking > PLEASURE FINDING