Traditional Medical-Psychiatric Practice

Treating pain/discomfort and/or dysfunction – anxiety, depression, panic attacks, posttraumatic stress, relationship problems, chronic pain, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome

Non-Traditional Medical-Psychiatric Practice

Focus on growth and development, wellness, high-level performance

Golf Coaching

Seamless combination of swing and mental coaching, focus on senses, playing by instinct, spirit of play; pleasure leads-effectiveness follows

Organizational Consulting

Assessments for selection, promotion and performance problems & enhancement; 360 evaluation, executive coaching, team building, management training

Sports & Performing Arts Coaching

Mindbody focus, skills common to all performance; coaching coaches on mindbody relationship, psychological of learning and the coaching relationship

Disability Assessment

IME’s, file reviews, consulting with third-party administrators and insurance companies

Forensic Psychiatry

Assessing psychological injury from accidents, work environments; focus on employment and labor law