Richard Harris

Extracurricular Sources & Activities

Extracurricular activities are both highly valued and devalued in our society. For now, I am restricting the meaning to school activities beyond the three R’s. Admission to the most exclusive universities hinges on both the student’s academic record and also extracurriculars. Many top boarding schools require the student’s involvement in a sport and also an […]

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Medical Prescription

Keep in mind…….body, this blog has something to do with doctoring. Which when all is said and done means symptoms. Setting aside the formal definition of physician, doctors diagnose and treat symptoms rather than illnesses. Illness and disease are concepts, abstractions if you will, in comparison to the felt experience of symptoms. At the same

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House Call

A primary interest of my work is, “getting to the bottom of it.” What underlies the way we experience and behave in the world. What is the nature of the foundation upon which our house is built. As a way of describing this process of exploration, I begin this blog with a look at the

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